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Pine Cones

    Bulk Quantity Austrian Pine Cones
    Picked Austrian Pine Cones
    Un-Picked Austrian Pine Cones
    3 Per Pick Austrian Pine Cones
    Extra Large Picked Austrian
    Natural Other Varieties

Wreath Decorations

    Picked Decorations and Assortments
    Fruit and Crabapples
    Kelco Naturals
    Birds, Santas, Snowmen & Reindeer
    Candy canes and Mini Gift Boxes
    Millimeter Balls
    Novelty Decorations
    Sample Kit
    Wreath Hangers
    Wreath Lights


    Ribbon Solid Colors
    Production Ribbon Solid Colors
    Ribbon Prints and Plaid
    Ribbon Solid Color Wire Edge
    Ribbon Weather Proof


    Handmade Bows
    Pull Bows


    Roping (Garland) Twine
    Plant Stakes
    Loose Balsam Potpourri
    Shipping Cartons

Kits and Forms

    Centerpiece Materials
    Kissing Ball Materials
    Table Top Tree Forms
    Starter Wreath Kits

Wreath Frames

    Wire Rings Crimped and Plain
    Double/Triple Rail Rings
    Green Shapes
    Clamp-On Single Rail
    Clamp-On Double Rail Rings
    Clamp-On Green Shapes
    Plastic Rings
    Box Wreath Frames
    Grave Blanket and Saddle Frames
    Wreath Easels
    Holly rings
    Soft Touch Wreath Rings
    Soft Touch Shapes
    Peace Wreath Kits


    Spool Wire
    Straight and Cut Florist
    Decorative Aluminum Wire

Decoration Picking

    Wired Florist Picks
    Pick Machine and Steel Picks


    Hand Pruners
    Stem Strippers

Wreath Making Equipment

    Wreath Machines - Wire Wrapping
    Wreath Machines - Clamp Type
    Garland Machine
    Bow Making Machine