Item #: AHH10
10" Holly Clmp.Ring - Unpainted
Pkg. of 100 #12 gauge wire
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21 lbs


These rings have smaller clamps making them ideal for dried materials, holly, and fine greens. For each ring a round, butt-welded, steel wire circle is formed; the wire size for these rings increases for the larger sizes for needed strength. Wire horseshoe shaped clamps are welded around each ring at three inch intervals.

Holly clamp rings are best used making single faced wreaths. You will need a clamp machine to use these rings. The material you use should be formed into uniform sized bunches. When a bunch is placed on the the clamp and clamped tight, the stems should extend into the next clamp to be filled. The clamps should be filled and clamped tight in succession around the ring until finished.

The outside diameter will vary according to the type of material used.