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Kissing Ball Kits with Frame and Oasis
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This kit has a complete frame, oasis and instructions to make ten lovely kissing balls. The oasis allows for watering to maintain freshness for interior use.

Simply place the oasis cylinder in the middle of the frame. Press the oasis down firmly so that the pins hold the cylinder steady. (You should wet the oasis first - we have found that a damp oasis is easier to work with and keeps your greens alive longer.) Once the oasis cylinder is in position you should wire it so that it does not slip out of place when you are inserting the greens. Cut small pieces of greens and clean the ends so that they are easily inserted into the oasis cylinder. Starting at either the top or the bottom insert the greens into the oasis until a fluffy ball is formed. Fasten a narrow ribbon or chain to the top for hanging, then decorate as desired and place a ribbon and mistletoe at the bottom.