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Needlehold Spray (Clear)
2 2.5-Gallon Bottles
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Needlehold Spray (Clear) is a needle retention product which is harmless to the tree, won't wash off or retard growth, while maintaining natural moisture. Needlehold Spray can also be used to extend the beauty of wreaths.

Once the spray is dry, the tree is coated with a durable film which lasts indefinitely. It is safe to use and after the spray is applied, presents no hazard to children or pets.

Dilute at the rate of 1 pint Needlehold Spray to 2 pints of water & spray trees thoroughly. If temperature is below freezing spray indoors and allow tree to dry thoroughly before placing outdoors. Spray in field anytime before tree is cut or immediately after cutting. It can also be used on transplants or for prevention of winter damage at a dilution of 1 to 5. The spray will dry in 15 minutes on a moderately warm or sunny day; it may take a longer period to dry when it's cool and cloudy.

Wear old clothing and shoes when applying; it is best to avoid spraying on windy days. Prevent spray from reaching sidewalks, buildings, etc. In the event the spray inadvertently reaches walk, buildings, or other objects, wash at once with scrub brush and water. Rubbing with dry sand or steel wool will remove Needlehold Spray from masonry after it dries.

Do not spray when is is below freezing or when frost is still on the trees. To ensure drying, it is best to spray when air temperature is about 40 F and when no immediate rain is anticipated. One 5 Gallon Case will do approx. 300 to 500 trees.

Various types of sprayers may be used (hand or power). Experimentation with the spray gun in hand is suggested to properly adjust pressure. Excessive pressure will give a very misty spray that may be subject to blowing. A gun delivering a high volume may be wasteful. The spray gun should be adjusted to give a fairly broad spray pattern. Needlehold Spray replaces Item# SFG3 - Clear Spray