Item #: SHRP1100
Kelco Rotary Pruner Complete 5'
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38 lbs


If you have hundreds of trees to prune this year the Kelco Rotary Pruner is a great addition to your pruning arsenal. It is a lightweight, gasoline powered pruner.

This unit is 5 feet long and weighs approxiamately 10 lbs. It is powered by an Echo 2000 gasoline motor. The wand is made of a heavy duty aluminum. The unique design of the head and blade allows the pruner to literally grab the ends of branches and cut them cleanly from the tree. The five foot length is excellent for pruning trees that are between 6 and 10 feet high.

The Kelco Rotary Pruner is also available in a 7 foot length (see item SHRP1107).

If you have an Echo 2000 or 2100 motor you have the capability of buying just the wand and attaching your existing motor to it (see items SHRP1105WC, SHRP1107WC, and SHRP1500WC,). If you use the Echo 2100 you will need to purchase a bushing so the engine will fit securely on the wand (see item SHRP1500BU). The wand is available in either a five or seven foot length.