Item #: SHRP1500WC
Kelco Basal Pruner Head and Wand 6'
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55 lbs


This is the complete Kelco Basal Pruner sold without the motor. It is made available for those who already have one of our other pruners or the grass trimmer with the Echo 2000 motor. An Echo 2100 motor maybe be used with the addition of a bushing (see item SHRP1500BU).

The new revolution of basal pruning has arrived; the Kelco gasoline powered Basal Pruner. No more back breaking, tedious, labor intensive hand pruning; do the job in less than half the time.

It's simple. Find a tree(s) that needs to be basal pruned. We recommend pruning your trees when they are between 3 to 4 feet high and branches that are no larger than 1" in diameter. Looking at the tree, pick a set of branches that would create a good base. With your new Kelco Basal Pruner in hand, set the head on the ground next to the base of the tree and begin pruning the unwanted branches. The unique design of the protective guard allows you to prune 2/3rds of the tree before having to move slightly to finish the job.

The Kelco Basal Pruner is a lightweight gasoline powered pruner. The carbide tip steel blade (7" diameter) has an adjustable guard, which protects the blade on three sides, leaving one side open for direct and accurate basal pruning. The Kelco Basal Pruner is powered by an Echo 2000 gasoline engine. The wand is made of heavy-duty aluminum and has a grease fitting for proper maintenance. The unit weighs approximately 19 lbs., is properly balanced for easy handling and is shipped ready to use, minus the gasoline.